pakshi pathalam
Pakshipathalam is a rock cave at the north end of Brahmagiri hill where various species of birds camp. Pakshipathalam is located in deep forest and atop the Brahmagiri hills at a height of 1700 m. The place is a delight for the lovers of birds since the deep caves found here are abode of a large range of birds. 4-km deep into the trek there is a watchtower offering vast bird-watching opportunity.After dropping Amrita in the stream the Garuda,king of birds tired of long flight, perched on the Karimala. There is a small eagle shaped projection where the Garuda perched. This rock is now known as Garudapara (rock of Garuda). The Garuda is considered as the king and guardian of the birds .

The trek from Thirunelly through dense forests consumes 3 hours for 7-km coverage. you need to obtain a permission from the Forest Department. There is no accommodation facilities available ,Permission from DFO at Mananthavady is necessary to visit Pakshipathalam

How to Reach Pakshipathalam
By Air:Kozhikode is the closest airport to the captivating hill station of Pakshipathalam.

By Rail:The closest railway station to Pakshipathalam is Kozhikode. From there one has to
trudge the route to reach this wonderful hill station.

By road: Mananthavady is the closest town ship you can get bus to thirunelli temple